Quad Cities Public Adjuster

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Disasters in Quad Cities

Quad Cities is an area extremely undergoing thunderstorms and snow storms all year. Quad city residents are often facing weather challenges such as hail, wind damage, extreme heat, and so on. Homeowners in Quad Cities experience severe damage to their homes during the weather emergencies in Quad Cities.

The high winds and dry weather cause fire damages to the properties in Quad Cities. Fire calls are common during severe weathers. Property owners are left homeless during fire loss with complete loss situations. Homes by the river are flooding from the Mississippi river and Rock River. Properties are often damaged by the underground basement flooding due to the freezing and expansion of the pipes. Small businesses are facing even more damages in terms of damaged stock and lost business.

Fire Loss

Fires in Quad Cities are very common and the combined fire departments are able to quickly control the fires with minimum damages possible. Quad City residents are always prepared for the fire emergencies. Due to the high number of fire occurences, the homeowners are experiencing severe fire loss to their property.

Flooding Loss

Flooding is a major conern for property owners in the Quad Cities. The high water table, rivers in the area, blocked sewage systems, and so on result in flooding of the properties. Flooding may be a side effect of another disaster such as fire or wind damage. Plumbing failures, appliance failures, and roof leaks are also the major causes of flooding.

Wind Damage Loss

External wind damage is the most common cause of property damages in the Quad Cities. Thunderstorms and Snow storms damage the roofs, windows, doors, and all other components of the house. Tornadoes are occuring frequently in the area causing huge damage to the properties.

Insurance Claims

Home insurance is a mandatory requirement for homeowners. Business owners are required to take insurance as well. The insurance document is a must at the time of purchasing a property. The monthly or annual amount covers the properties against numerous damages that may occur to the property during the insurance period.

Property owners are filing a number of insurance claims on their homes. Often, the claims are rejected by the insurance companies due to the interpretation of the insurance agent. Proper paperwork and documentation are required for an insurance claim. Every insurance company has their own guidelines and requirements in assessing a claim. For example, for hail damage claim processing, insurance companies require that there must be at least seven hail damages in a ten by ten square foot of roof. If the homeowners are unfamiliar with such requirements, their claims are often rejected.

Flooding damage in QC

If you are unable to estimate the cost to fix or restore the property, the insurance company may send a company adjuster or hire an independent adjuster. Claim adjusters from the insurance companies often miss the hidden losses. For example, for a flood loss the insurance claims processor may only quote the area damaged. Often, they ignore the hidden damages such as the mold growth in the walls due to standing water. In some cases, the stains on the ceilings are due to the water damage and roof leaks. If the adjuster from the insurance is paying only the paint cost, then they are likely ignoring the underlying issues and costs.

House fire damage in QC

Property owners have the right to know the reports from the insurance adjuster and they have the right to get the maximum coverage. Property owners are obliged to call the insurance company as soon as possible once a damage occurs. The insurance company will assign an adjuster to assess the damage. The adjuster from the insurance company is likely to get low claim amount for you due to the lack of knowledge of the damage. In such cases, property owners can hire a licensed public adjuster who can get the most return for your insurance claim from the insurance company. You can also contact a general contractor for getting an estimate of fixing the damages.


Public Adjuster

A public adjuster is a licensed professional who can work with your insurance company to get maximum dollars for your home insurance claim. They are well versed with the insurance companies, claims processing, documentation, general contracting, and negotiation. They work with all parties involved and process the claims faster to avoid any delays. They investigate the loss and provide detailed documentation, photographs, pictures, proofs, and so on.

You can trust a public adjuster as they are familiar with different insurance companies and claims processing. A public adjuster can work before, during, or after a claim processing. They can start the process any time and can get more return from the insurance company.


A public adjuster must maintain a valid license for the job. After completing required training, the public adjuster pays a fee and surety bond to acquire license. They need to renew the license by paying the renewal fee in their respective state of practice. The license require declaring any criminal history and any other licenses procured in the related domains. They also become members of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA)


Some states require mandatory training or apprenticeship before starting the practice. Working with an experienced public adjuster would help for starters. Getting familiar with the different insurance companies requirements is suggested. Public adjusters earn average $30 per hour depending upon the experience. Sometimes, they get paid overall commission on your insurance return.


Public adjusters main skill and job is to negotiation. QC Public Adjusters do negotiate with insurance companies to get maximum return for the claim. Once you sign a contract with a public adjuster, they take care of all the documentaion and communication with the insurance company. They can also work with the local general contractors to get an estimates of the work required.

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Hiring Public Adjusters

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Hiring a QC Public Adjuster is the best move if you have an insurance claim. The public adjusters do not work for the insurance company or the government. They are independent licensed professionals for your claims processing. QC Public adjusters are not permitted to contact you when the fire department professionals are present or during odd night hours. You can report a public adjuster if you think they are not working as per the guidelines.

QC Public Adjuster is guided by the code of conduct and are completely working to fulfill your interest. They can serve, counsel, and answer any queries you may have. They can update frequently on your claims processing. The QC Public Adjuster is expected to perform according to the license requirements and must always cooperate with you.

Insurance companies will coordinate with the QC Public Adjuster and send all the paperwork to them. The check will be sent to you and then only you can pay the QC Public Adjuster. The adjuster will notify your insurance company after you sign a contract. You can be free of all the hassles of sending the proof and paperwork. The adjuster will take care of all the communication. Homeowners are in a panic mode when the greatest investment is hit by a disaster and they are unable to cope up with the overwhelming documentation required by the insurance company. Claims processing is a tedious task which you can simplify by handing the job to experts such as the QC Public Adjuster.

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